Hello guys!

My name is Pedro Ângelo, 21 years old, I'm from Brazil and unfortunately I haven't found this forum at time. I'm here to tell you my story and maybe help someone in a similar condition. My english is not so good (writting in english is really a challenge, please ignore some wrong verbal conjugations), but I want to share what is happening to my body and give the advice to avoid ETS. So, I always suffered from facial blushing and a bit of palmar hyperhidrosis. Sweat was never a problem to me, even I live in a city (Cuiabá - Mato Grosso) which the temperature is around 35 degrees Celsius. But FB really bothered me my entire life. Thus, a hope appear: a surgery that could put an end point in all my problems.  

ETS on September 06 - T2 and T3 clamped 

I had ETS in a cold city, then the compensatory sweating didn't appear. The only thing I noticed was that my feet did not stop sweating. My hands turned really dry and started to a little shake (a problem that I didn't read here in forum and didn't found someone with this after ETS). This tremor was constant and how part of my time I dedicate to drawing, I started to worry. So I began to search about it and I found out this forum and problems caused by ETS. When I went back to Cuiabá, I understood my mistake. My sweat was uncontrollable under the nipple line; my entire body flows. The facial flushing did not improve significantly. And because of constant overheating, caused mainly by the climate, my face turned more red than before. I did not make a max pulse control or heart rate, but I'm sure after surgery I felt more relaxed. But despite this, I had an intense fatigue. Also, when I ate something spicy and some other foods, I felt an itch on the face, plus some red marks that disappear as soon as I stopped eating. I didn't notice a gustatory sweating, just an itch and red marks, but this really bother me a lot. Another thing that appeared after the surgery was acne on the chest and back. I do not know if this is a direct effect or consequence of all the stress this has brought. So I decided to revert the surgery.

Reversion at October 25 -  7 weeks after ETS / conclusions / advices

It has been more than two months since the reversal and I have not had any significant improvements. My feet are still wet almost all the time, there is practically no way to wear flip-flops. Really, you do not know how bad your feet can become, bad smelling problems and great discomfort. The trembling in my hands improved and they began to get a bit moist, which gives me hope. Facial flushing continues to be a problem, but nothing compared to compensatory sweat. I have always had a good social life and I have become very depressed and unwilling to go out. I started to avoid relationships, the compensatory sweating is really driving me crazy (and before ETS I barely sweat). About acne there has been some improvement, perhaps because I am accepting my situation better. I continue to be without much disposition, but I believe that this may be related to the sadness that this surgery brought me. I did not get any better from my peculiar gustatory sweating. I believe I have not had much improvement so far in terms of compensatory sweating.

What I mean is that if you are planning on proceeding with ETS for facial flushing, a visible improvement is not really guaranteed. The only guarantee is the compensatory sweat. And it will be an even bigger problem. Don't think that it will not be a problem if you don't sweat too much. What I learned was to accept my body as it is (or was); all I wanted was to be able to live a normal life again. I still hope for improvements and who knows for news with the use of stem cells. 

Take care of your body, you only have one and ruin it can cost very expensive. Nothing is more important than health. I will be bringing any improvement notice over the course of the months, but keep in mind that full reversal is just marketing, your body will never be the same again. 

Pedro Ângelo  

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